Find out how we are enabling a fair and affordable transition to a clean energy economy and reducing our own emissions. 

Our journey so far  

We are embracing our role at the heart of the energy system and understand the critical part we play in tackling climate change, one of the defining challenges of our generation. The decisions we take now will influence the future of our planet and life on earth. 

Curbing emissions 

We know we must make significant changes to curb emissions, and we have already taken important steps to do so. Since 1990, we’ve reduced direct emissions by 70% (as at March 2020). That’s well in excess of our interim target, which was 45% by 2020. In 2019 we committed to reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions to net zero by 2050, and we have set out further commitments and ambitions in our charter: 

Our commitments 

  • Reduce Scope 3 emissions for the electricity and gas we sell to our customers 20% by 2030 

  • Reduce SF6 emissions from our operations 50% by 2030 

  • Move to a 100% electric fleet by 2030 for our light-duty vehicles 

  • Reduce energy consumption in our offices 20% by 2030 

  • Improve the natural environment by 10% on the land we own by 2030 

  • Achieve zero carbon emissions from business air travel from 2020 onwards 

Our ambitions 

  • Accelerate our net zero target wherever possible 

  • Eliminate all SF6 gas from our assets by 2050 

  • Further reduce our Scope 3 emissions beyond 2030 

  • In the UK, the NGESO will be able to operate a zero-carbon system by 2025 

But there’s much more we can and will do. 

Carbon reduction 

Most of the markets in which we operate have set far-reaching carbon reduction targets, and further legislative measures are likely to follow. We embrace the opportunity to play our role in helping achieve these challenging goals. 

Request for information

Contact us to make a request for information under the environmental informational regulations:

By email: [email protected]

By telephone: 0192 6655484

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Our contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals

We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

UN goal 7 - affordable and clean energy
UN goal 9 -industry
UN goal 12 - responsible consumption
UN goal 13 - climate action
UN goal 15 - life on land


Learn what we’re doing to support the environment

You can read our latest stories below, detailing some of the work we're doing on our journey to net zero. You can also find out more by visiting our environmental sustainability page and our cleaner transport page.


Wind turbine in the sea seen from above - for National Grid's multi-purpose interconnector (MPI) story

Next gen interconnectors could create green energy hubs

We’re taking another step forward on the journey to net zero, with a new agreement with TenneT. This sees us collaborating with the Netherlands-based company to develop a fresh vision to link Dutch and British wind farms to the energy systems of both countries.

A new generation of interconnectors
A low shot of flowers shooting up from a meadow with a butterfly in the foreground and the sun setting behind

Environmental sustainability

We are passionate about operating our business in an environmentally responsible way and making sure sustainability shapes our thinking and decision-making. Find out more about our commitment to the environment here.

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wind turbines at sea

East Coast offshore wind

Tackling climate change is the biggest challenge facing our generation and we have a key part to play. We need to connect increasing amounts of renewable energy from the North Sea and the UK’s East Coast to the national electricity grid so that we can move to a cleaner energy system. Learn about the work we're doing to transform the network for a different low carbon future.

East Coast offshore wind
An image of a man plugging a charging point into a black electric vehicle

Cleaner transport

Find out how we are working with Government, the energy sector, and industry to integrate millions of electric vehicles successfully and help make a rapid impact on harmful emissions with gas freight vehicles.

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Focus areas where we can make an impact

We have identified the other key areas where we can really make a difference by ensuring responsibility is woven through everything we do.

About us

Find out more about what we do, our businesses and our vision and values.

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Woman and two children running through grass in front of hill with wind turbines - used for the homepage for the National Grid story '8 ways National Grid is tackling climate change in the UK'

Journey to net zero

Discover how we’re working towards a cleaner energy system for the future.

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