Woman looking through a window - social distancing - used for the National Grid story 'Caring for mental health during a crisis'

Our vision and values

Our vision describes what we want to achieve in the long term, while our values shape our spirit, attitude and what guides us.

Our vision

At National Grid, we share the belief that we need to stand for something beyond profit. We have a responsibility to demonstrate our contribution to society more broadly, whether that’s helping the young people of today to become the energy problem-solvers of tomorrow, supporting our customers to use energy more efficiently, or tackling climate change by targeting net zero for our own emissions by 2050.

That’s why our vision is to be at the heart of a clean, fair and affordable energy future.

Clean, because we want to enable the energy transition for the communities we serve.

Fairbecause we want to help shape an energy future where everyone shares in the benefits and no one gets left behind.

Affordable, because energy bills should not be a burden as a result of the transition, and families should be able to pay for all their basic energy needs.  

Our values

We know that how we deliver is as important as what we deliver. If our vision sets out ‘what’ we want to achieve, our values are the ‘how’. They help shape our spirit, attitude and what guides us.

We adapt and develop our values to align with the expectations of our customers and communities, without losing sight of the things that make us strong today.

Every day we do the right thing by:

  • Act safely, inclusively and with integrity
  • Support and care for each other
  • Speak up, challenge and act

Every day we find a better way by:

  • Work as one team to find solutions
  • Embrace learning and new ideas
  • Simplify to what really matters

We make it happen by:

  • Be bold and act with passion and purpose
  • Take ownership to deliver for customers
  • Focus on progress over perfection


Ethical business conduct

Our code of ethical business conduct outlines how we expect all our employees to behave working for National Grid. It provides useful advice on how we do business and is at the heart of our values: ‘do the right thing, find a better way, and make it happen'.

Reporting concerns 

We encourage our employees, contractors, customers and members of the public to report any concerns or instances of unethical practices, relating to National Grid or any of its subsidiaries. Our dedicated confidential helplines are available 24/7 for anyone who wants to raise a concern.



  • Freephone: 1-800-465-0121
  • www.nationalgridalertlineus.com