Download our 2020/21 Responsible Business Report

We have published our 2020/21 Responsible Business Report, along with an external assurance opinion statement, our Reporting Methodology document, and guidance on our alignment to sustainability reporting standards, the GRI and SASB.

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Responsible Business Charter 2020

Since earlier this year, we have been putting our values into action with our response to the coronavirus pandemic, caring for our people and the communities we serve.

At the same time, we are moving forward with our broader programmes for responsible business. We have published our Responsible Business Charter, setting out what responsibility means for us and our commitments and ambitions over the coming years. Whether it's making sure young people today become the problem solvers of tomorrow, or tackling climate change by reducing our own emissions and helping our customers use energy more efficiently, we will take action.

Responsible business is how we do business. We’ll be reporting on our progress on these commitments and ambitions in our new annual Responsible Business Report from 2021 onwards.

Download our Responsible Business Charter 2020